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    VMWare Player 12.5.7 - Linux Host/Win 10 Guest - Bad Audio?

    JeZLee Novice



      Been using VMWare Player for years with no problems.

      I am using the most up to date VMWare Player version 12.5.7 build-5813279.


      I have a Linux Mint 18.2 KDE 64Bit host

      with a Windows 10 Pro 64Bit guest.


      I have bad audio on the Win 10 guest.

      I've tried everything available on the Internet to fix this issue

      but it is still there.

      (it's on 3 different desktops, so we can illuminate a hardware issue)


      How do I fix bad audio on Win 10 guest?

      (the Win 10 guest is Genuine and virus free)

      If this is a known issue, when will Player be updated to fix this?


      If you need additional information then just ask, thanks!