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    Chrome and its missing taskbar icon

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      After the recent debacle with trying to get a recent version of Firefox to work in Thinapp I gave up. VMware Support basically tells me I'm SOL and they won't put any effort into solving the problems we have with Firefox. So, since I'm unable to provide my end users a working Thinapp of Firefox we decided to see how things go with Chrome.


      Well...better. I downloaded the Enterprise installer and ran it through Thinapp 5.2.2. Then I integrated the provide .admx files and made a nice group policy to configure it. Works nicely, and most definitly way, way, way better and faster than Firefox as of late. I redirected the Chrome user data directory to a network location (user home directory) even though technically we're not supposed to according to Chrome. But alas, I'm running into a problem. There's no task bar icon. This has been reported before (in 2014!): Taskbar Icon problem with Google Chrome 32


      Sadly, no workable final solution has come from all of that. Imagine that, it's only been two and half years. No rush. Every once in a while a taskbar icon does actually appear depending how much I mess with the user datadirectory and its location. But generally it's just once, and all other sessions after that the icon is blank, no matter where I put the user data. Has anyone else come up with a workable solution to this issue with Chrome, or is everyone basically stuck with having to accept this kind of annoying behaviour? Stuff like this is highly annoying and the seeming unwillingness of VMware to make their product work nicely with the most popular applications is frankly a bit disappointing. Guess we'll be looking at Unidesk sooner rather than later, Thinapp doesn't seem to have much support or a future anymore.

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          Although I agree with you that support could be better I don't think this issue is ThinApp's fault. We work in a VDI environment (golden image etc.) and we didn't ThinApp Chrome. We just placed the Chrome files in the image and use Appsense to manage the user environment (some profile files and admx to set policies). We also encountered the issue with the blank icon in the taskbar so it looks that at some point Chrome decided that the icon file that is displayed in the taskbar is not the icon of the main executable but should be an icon in the user profile.


          Solution for us was to place the icon in: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Google Profile.ico

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