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    Upgrade VDP to 6.1.3

    lvln Novice


      I've some question about the upgrade of the VDP appliance.


      First I've done the mistake to upgrade theVCSA first to 6.5 and now I don't the possibility to acces my vdp true the VDR selection menu in the vsphere web client.


      So I wanted to upgrade anyway to the last version of VDP :

        - I've loaded the iso in the VDP

        - I've checked the the iso is mounted (ssh and mount : /dev/sr0 on /mnt/auto/cdrom  and something in it  : vSphereDataProtection-6.1.3.avp version.properties )


      But when I go to the https://vdp_url:8543/vdp-configure/ in the upgrade section there is no iso detected


      Any advice ?


      Thank you