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    bsod of Win 2000

    ricky73 Enthusiast

      I converted win2000 sp4 physical machine to virtual (ESXi 5.5) by converter 4.0.1 and again by 5.5.3 according to Thread Convert P2V Windows 2000 ESXi 5.5

      Boot of this new VM fails with bsod, I think problem is disk controller driver.

      Can I have suggestions to inject this driver to converted vm ?

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          continuum Guru
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          You must use a buslogic-controller for the boot vmdk.
          Older versions of Converter did not configure this correctly.
          So probably you have a VM now that uses an IDE-disk.
          Using an IDE-disk is beyond Converter and would require manual work.
          Easiest option is to redefine the existing VMDK to scsi.
          Then you must run the option "configure VM" again.