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    snapshot delete

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      I have one vm and it has 4 snapshot but Someone deleted the one snapshot file while the server was down . now i cant open vm so is there any solution ? we have no backup.


      error code :

      File /vmfs/volumes/58de2da4-c6bc78ac-9643-5cf3fc9414d0/test-clone/test-clone-000002.vmdk was not found

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          dekoshal Hot Shot

          If only descriptor file is delete you can recreate it using below kb


          Recreating a missing virtual machine disk descriptor file (1002511) | VMware KB


          if corrosponding delta.vmdk is also deleted you may have to point the VM to next available delta file if there were multiple snapshot or point it to base disk "flat file"


          For vm with multiple snapshot you may check complete chain consistency using command:


          vmkfstools -e filename.vmdk


          vmkfstools -q -v10 "your_disk.vmdk"


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