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    Unable to load the vSphere Web Client

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      One of my vCenter servers constantly has a problem loading the Web Client. The thick vSphere Client works fine, but when I go to the web client, it never loads the site. To fix this, I ssh into the VCSA and run the following.


      service-control --stop vsphere-client

      service-control --start vsphere-client


      After restarting the vsphere-client, the web client then works fine until it stops working again which could be a week or two.


      It seems like this started happening when setting up Linked Mode with two other sites. Oddly, the other two sites never seem to experience this problem, and if I log into the two working sites, all three vCenters are accessible. So it only appears to be an issue with the Web Client on the first site. All sites are running 6.0 and mostly up to date with an external PSC each. This has been going on for about a year, and I always hope that installing the latest update will resolve the problem, but it doesn't. Given the issue, I am worried about upgrading to 6.5 since it is all web based.


      I tried VMware support, but they call to troubleshoot at the most random times and would never schedule a time with me.

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          It sounds like this will be a log deep dive.


          Getting VMware support attention and scheduling a time can be done. At the end of each email they send is their supervisor's email. Personally I have never had any issues scheduling but when needed, I escalate to the supervisor to get results.

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            I would prefer to resolve it on my own if possible. I'm sure many others have had issues with the Web Client.

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              Down here in the lab, VCSA 6.0 was a monster at my end. Chewing up 2 cores constantly and being dog slow, never worked quite well, gave logs to support.

              Never heard back from that.


              So eventually I upgraded to 6.5 and it behaves well, hardly uses any CPU and works smooth.


              What I am trying to say is that you can just take a snapshot of your VCSA 6.0, run the upgrade to VCSA 6.5 and as it is a fresh install that just copies over the data/settings/logs, chances are pretty big your old flaky setup problems are gone.


              If it doesn't help, just restore the snapshot of VCSA 6.0 and get to back to where you were.

              There's not much too lose AFAICT.




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