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    Windows 10 Guest can't Print

    stattman Lurker

      Hi Forum,


      I've been reading the Guide and looking at forums but struggling to get an answer.


      My setup is:


      Host: macOS Sierra 10.12.5

      Guest: Windows 10

      Fusion: 8.5.8


      I have a wireless printer setup on the Mac and printing is no problem.

      I have Fusion configured to match the default printer.


      When I print from the Guest, I can see the print job going to the spooler but then nothing happens. If I copy the PDF back into the Host - it will print fine.


      I did connect the printer to the Mac and had it "Connect to Windows" - after installing some drivers it printed fine directly.


      So the issue just seems when I'm printing wirelessly. 


      If there's any thoughts or suggestions I could try that would be appreciated.


      Kind Regards


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          RickShu Expert
          VMware Employees

          Hi stattman,


          Would you please double check the option 'Share Mac printers with Windows' in VM settings-->Printer is checked?

          If no, please check this option and restart the VM.

          If yes, make sure you have VM Tools installed properly. (Remove Tools and re-install it)


          I hope it helps.