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    Embedded VRO 7.2 Login Failure

    philk33 Novice

      Hello All,


      I'm on this version:


      I've followed this guide (adding myself to the custom group from the synced domain):



      I simply can't login with username@domain.corp


      So I followed this guide and found the same error he shows first but none of the solutions seem applicable due to either version or lack of child domains.

      Unable to login to vRO with error Invalid Username or Password (SKKB1037) | Spas Kaloferov's Blog


      I can't reach any solution here. I must be missing a crucial step somewhere.


      In VRA I've:


      -Added domain to Directories under directories management

      -Synced the directory after adding an AD Admin Group

      -Given myself basically every permission ( not that I would think it would affect logon)

      -Created a custom group and added myself (according to first link)


      In VRO I've:


      -Logged into VRO Control Center and added the tenant and admin group (according to first link)

      -Restarted Service

      -Test Login and get failure.


      Has anyone had a similar problem and/or can someone point out what I'm missing?