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    I need your thoughts on ESXi business continuity

    IT_Architect Hot Shot

      Currently we use ShadowProtect, which works with Oracle's virtual box to do that and it works great, especially for physical machines.  However, I'm looking for something that works with VMware so snapshots can be saved to another location, and that location brought up to a certain point in time if there is a failure or malware, under VMware.  Then they can fire up the other machine to a point of 15 minutes ago or 4 hours ago and continue from there.  With ShadowProtect, if the backups have been altered, it will not replicate them.  The end game is to have a standby environment that cannot be corrupted.  The backups move one way to the backup environment, and are not accepted if they have been altered.  We will then replicate off-site in the local area, which we provide as a service now.