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    how can create many desktop without composer

    baber Hot Shot

      Dear all



      i want to know how can create for example 20 desktop without composer my means is i create a vm and assign that to dedicate now in which step of wizard it say me how many desktop or machine create because if i want had desktop without composer i have to had 20 vms



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          Raul Hot Shot

          You can create a "Manual Desktop Pool" that provisions desktops from existing virtual machines, physical computers, and HP Blade PCs.

          You must prepare each desktop individually managed by vCenter Server. View Agent must be installed and running on each desktop source.


          HOW TO CREATE IT? No View Composer Needed!

          1 In View Administrator, click Inventory > Pools.

          2 Click Add.

          3 Select Manual Pool.

          4 Follow the prompts in the wizard to create the pool & add the machines.


          In View Administrator, you can view the desktops as they are added to the pool by clicking Inventory > Desktops.



          VMware VDI Administrator.


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            cvrich Novice

            Instant clones might be an option... This does not use composer however you can't use your NVIDIA grid cards for these desktops just yet. It is a tech preview in version 7.1 so hopefully in the near future it will be fully supported. Instant clones use alot less disk space as well.