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    Unable to run VMmark test

    rahulnani2 Lurker

      Hi All,


      I have configured vmmark2.5 setup with one Tile ,I am able to open Stax monitor job window After submitting the job there is no response .Please find the attached output files.

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          jpschnee Expert
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          When I opened VC-listhosts.txt it is saying that


          GET-PSSNAPIN : No Windows PowerShell snap-ins matching the pattern

          'VMware.VimAutomation.Core' were found. Check the pattern and then try the command again.


          This is indicating that PowerCLI is not installed or not installed correctly.  Please review the benchmarking guide for configuring the prime client.  This should help.  Additionally, I noticed that you are running 2.5, you should also upgrade to 2.5.2 which is available as a patch upgrade via the VMmark website.

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            rahulnani2 Lurker

            Hi jpschnee,


            Thanks for the suggestion, I have rei nstalled the power CLI , Now i dont see any error regarding power CLI,  Sadly the run is not successful yet, I found below error VMmark2PSfe file in resulta folder.

            Please help on this.




            VMmark2 PSfe 1.2

            Starting Up VMmark2PS Workers : Started 4

              Loadtime  = 00:00:01.98

              Polling Workers State ::

               1 : Error!

               3 : Error!

               5 : Error!

               7 : Error!

            Error Initializing Workers

              Errors Found : 4

              Workers Ready : 0

            Error Initializing Workers (4) : Halting Workers : Purging Qs : Done

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              jpschnee Expert
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              Did you try the suggestions in a similar thread?



              vmmark2.5 Error log "help"


              Should be on page 2 of the thread...

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                rahulnani2 Lurker



                Thanks for the kind suggestion , I still face the same issue, My VMMark is configured with single tile and and Prime client and Load gen workload(client0) are different machines , From the result files I find the below error.

                Stafcmd Process: stop of ms timer process: mstmr on cli

                                        ent0 failed to start. Returned: RC = 16, STAFResult = S

                                        TAFConnectionProviderConnect: Timed out connecting to e

                                        ndpoint: select() timeout: 22, Endpoint: ssl://client0

                I found that mstmr.exe  in client0 in not invoking due to cygwin error .Client 0 is configure with windows server 2003 SP2 . I am not able to install cygwin

                in the machine.I recieve below error.


                the procedure entry point cancelsynchronousio could not be contacted in the dll kernel32.dll


                I am using cygwin2.874 version.


                Please help in installing cygwin in windows server 2003 sp2.