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    UEM - Logon tasks unreliable

    AoSIt Lurker

      My goal it to add bginfo to our linked clones W7 desktops. In order to achieve this, i have prepared a Llttle .bat that executes BGinfo with the desired settings on a share.


      Unfortunatly it doesnt seem to work in a reliable manner. In some cases bginfo appears on the second Login, then stays for 2-3 Logins and then its gone.and stays gone.



      As i said we are using linked clones and writable volumes.


      Also does anybody here have any good documentation for the general Use of the UEM? I think the Vmware UEM Administration PDF is pretty vague and doesnt reallyhelp alot when trying to learn how to get a linked clone environment up and running.


      Cheers Ralf