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    raw mapped disks disconnecting randomly

    bellocarico Enthusiast

      I have an issue with raw mapped disks.

      first of all, I have 4x Seagate disks raw mapped that have been working perfectly (for the last 6 years at least)


      As I'm now looking to upgrade the storage I have tried Seagate Ironwolf, Toshiba N300 and Seagate ST8000AS0002

      When I try to use them raw mapped to the VM but they all, suffer from the same issue.


      Basically, I can see the disks at boot time (BIOS), I can map them into a VM but then they randomly disconnect, often (not always) at the same time e.g. 2x disks disappear.


      This is affecting only the new disk, not the old one. Same behavior with the internal motherboard SATA ports or PCIE syba 4xSATA.


      Anybody has an idea what the root cause might be here?

      Also is there perhaps something I can tweak under the ESXi advanced settings to make this working?