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    iSCSI Port

    callmemonks Lurker

      Running VMWare 5.5 I have set up one ESX server. I am trying to get this ESX to connect to a iSCSI SAN. I've created a VMkernal port as a standard switch with one physical adaptor.


      I go to the properties of the iSCSI adaptor. Go to the Network Configuration tab and select the port group. Enter the IP address of the SAN and then do a rescan. Nothing happens.


      I go back in to the properties of the iSCSI adaptor. Remove the port group from the Network Configuration tab so it's empty. Do a rescan and the SAN appears fine with all the devices presented.


      Anyone have any ideas what is going on? All the connections are pinging fine between them. The SAN can ping the ESX server, the server can ping the SAN, the VMkernal port is pinging. I'm at a loss.