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      • 15. Re: XP VM suddenly slow, Win 7 fine
        bacon612 Lurker

        Thank you to those that got this sorted. I was pretty frustrated myself. I took the Windows 10 creators update and thought that that was the culprit. So many possible variables! That said, does anyone know what the possible security pitfalls of Hardware-Assisted Virtualization being disabled while we wait for AVG and Avast to sort out fixes?

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          MikesNote Lurker

          Wished I'd found this post earlier. It solved the problem of my VMware WinXP VM and all backups suddenly grinding to a near stop. (A Win98SE VM was untouched, and I did manage to remove Tools from the WinXP VM and start tthe VMDK in Virtual Box, but even that began to slow down though it worked at first.) I first noticed the problem just after the Windows 10 updates around March 15, so had been searching the wrong questions, thinking it was a Win10 update problem and being surprised that no one else was reporting the same. I had just recreated the VM in the latest VMware Workstation 12.5.5 direct from the old system backup, only to find it crawled as well. But as soon as I saw this and reset Avast, it was flying. Thanks loads to all the posters.


          Just to bring things up to date, my latest Avast program update of 30 March 2017 added a sub-entry to the Enable hardware-assisted virtualization entry called Use nested virtualization where available. Disabling this rather than the main entry was enough to solve my problem. The tip in red, shown when the item is disabled, indicates that this setting is specifically to solve the problem with VMs --



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            Gorby Lurker

            Thanks so much for this info.  My XP VM went from taking 10 minutes to boot and then being useless to taking 30 seconds to boot and now being better than ever!  I was about to throw in the towel prior to viewing this workaround.

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              crock17 Lurker

              Many thanks to everyone on this thread. I've been trying to sort this out for a week.

              I'm using XP on VMware to run old 16 bit software to control a building management system through the serial port. Unchecking the "use nested..." option fixed the performance with the software however the serial port was still running so slow as to be useless. Unchecking "Enable hardware-assisted virtualization" fixed the slow serial port connection.

              No idea why this is the case, but it's all good now.

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                DCeric Lurker

                Personally want to thank you for this information it was going to take 2 to 3 hours just to install Windows XP.  Upon changing the setting in Avast and restarting it now seems to be installing properly.

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                  patosip Lurker

                  gracias por el consejo , mi problema era la nueva version de AVG , todo funciona perfecto

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                    RichyR32GTR Lurker

                    Thanks for the info!

                    Digging up an old post i know but this has also just fixed my issue on Win7 Host with AVG installed and XP VM's.

                    Luckily i sorted it without reloading anything!


                    • 22. Re: XP VM suddenly slow, Win 7 fine
                      AlexLuther Lurker

                      Thanks, the Avast setting solved problem for me too.

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