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    vRealize Code Stream 2.3.0 is now GA !

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      vRealize Code Stream 2.3.0 is now generally available as of 16th may, 2017. Some of the enhancements in this release are:


      vRealize Automation customers are now entitled to use vRealize Code Stream at no charge for use with the vRCS Management Pack for IT DevOps. This entitlement applies to all vRealize Automation licenses, whether purchased standalone or as part of a suite. For more information, see the vRealize Code Stream Information Center.


      Pipeline Triggering Utilities for Git and Gerrit
      Pipeline executions can be triggered based on Git and Gerrit events by using the easy-to-setup command line utilities. You can download these utilities here.



      • Generic REST plugin: Pipeline tasks can be modeled to interact with any external system with REST APIs. It supports all standard HTTP methods such as GET and POST. The plug-in also supports parsing JSON responses to bind specific parts of the JSON response in subsequent tasks.
      • Poll Plugin: Pipeline tasks can be modeled to wait on an external system’s REST API for status change. Apart from supporting success and failure criteria, you can configure timeout and periodicity.


      Pipeline Import and Export
      With the pipeline import and export selections, you can import and export pipeline templates directly from the user interface. You can use the import and export selections to easily create backups of pipeline templates on the local system, and to restore them.


      Check out more details from release notes and product page.