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    ESXi 6.5 - How to make second Port Group available to add to Virtual Machine Network Adapter?

    mav1c Lurker

      I'm new to VMWare/vSphere/ESXi so struggling getting this initial configuration complete. I have installed ESXi 6.5, and have been able to complete most of the configuration on the host. I installed a new Virtual Machine from an OVA file, and that went well.


      Now, we have two networks. A management network, and a data network. These are two completely isolated networks. I was able to configure the Host to connect to the two networks, and I created a new Port Group/vSwitch/VLAN on the Host. I want to add that Network to the VM, but then I edit the Virtual Machine and add the Network Adapter and attempt to assign the second Port Group, it is not available in the drop down list. How to I make that available to assign the the 3rd Network Adapter.







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