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    Port group to physical network mapping: Possible with just one Vswitch?

    Dave_Delta_Mike Novice

      Hello. I'm new to VMWare. I've been using Oracle VM so far.


      I want to to know if the setup I intend to use is possible to achieve with ESXi 6.5.0


      Host: 2 physical network cards

      3 port groups in vswitch0

           -management network in vswitch0

           -vm external port group

           -vm internal port group


      one VM so far with 2 network interfaces. 1 external port group; 1 internal port group

      This VM is for routing/Nat purposes, so I'd like to use one network card for internal traffic and the other to external.


      Do I have to create another Vswitch to use with vm external, or can I use vswtich0 for both internal and external networks, assigning one physical adapter respectively? If so, How do I achieve this, because in the attached topology diagram, it seems that my physical adapters are both used for teaming instead of traffic separation.


      Any help, please?

      Thanks and resgards