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    Targeting a supermetric on the Datacenter level

    glezama Lurker

      I have a supermetric that I want to apply to all the VMs in a specific datacenter. I am still getting a handle on policies in Vrops 6.2. What is the policy that will allow me to apply that on the datacenter level?

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          Oulyanov Enthusiast
          VMware Employees

          it's not possible to apply policy to the DC and all descendant objects directly.

          I would suggest:

          1. Create Custom Group, use Object Type -- Virtual Machine, Filter: Relatinoship -- Descendant -- is -- <Name of your DC>. Check preview that it will returns all of your VM

          2. Create a new policy as a child of your def policy, go to section 5 Selected Metric and property, click on Attribute, uncheck metric and property so only SM will be checked. Find you SM, select it and click action -- enable.

          3. Go to Section 8 in the policy creation wizard and assign the policy to the CG from the step 1

          4. Wait 2-3 collection cycles to check if you SM is calculated


          Hope this helps

          Regards, Oleg