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    Where is a detailed guide to connect two VMs installed on the same PC ?

    HJLBX Novice
      • Windows 10 Pro
      • Default Windows Firewall
      • VMWare Workstation 12.5


      I have tried the Bridged, NAT and Host-Only options.  One VM cannot ping the other VM.  I want to use Host-Only.


      I have searched for many hours online and at VMWare.com to sort this out - and can find nothing.


      I am new to VMWare Workstation and just a basic home user.


      I already read the documentation and set each VM to Host-Only -- but that is not working - there is no communication between the two VMs on the same machine.


      I have tried setting Host-Only and enable the DHCP to dynamically assign IP addresses to the VMs - and that does not work; VMs cannot ping each other.


      I also tried the Bridged and NAT options -- and both of those are not working either.