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    How Do I Obtain Network Connectivity Between Two Virtual Machines ???

    HJLBX Novice
      • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
      • Default Windows Firewall on Host and in each Virtual Machine
      • VMWare Workstation Pro 12.5.5
      • Virtual Machine 1 (VM1)
      • Virtual Machine 2 (VM2)


      Goal:  Install a Server on VM1, install a Client on VM2, and have the Client on VM2 connect with the Server on VM1


      I am using the default network configuration created by VMWare when creating a virtual machine (NAT); both VM1 and VM2 are default NAT


      Ping is disabled in Windows Firewall, so that is not a useful test of network connectivity between VM1 and VM2

      That being said... I do not understand why below is possible if Ping Echo Request is disabled by default in Windows Firewall:


      VM1 <- ping -> Host   OK

      VM2 <- ping -> Host   OK


      * * * * *


      I tried a couple of things to test if VM1 <- network connectivity -> VM2 was working as I expected it to based upon the VMWare documentation


      I tried TotuSoft's LAN Speed Lite:


      A.  Install on VM1

      B.  Enter the IP address of VM2 in LAN Speed Lite

      C.  Begin Test

      D.  Test fails as LAN Speed Lite cannot detect VM2 (IP address) on the network


      I tried Windows Remote Desktop Manager (it's allowed by default in Windows Firewall so it should be a good test tool to establish VM1 <- network connectivity -> VM2):


      A.  Configure VM2 to allow Windows Remote Desktop Manager

      B.  Launch Windows Remote Desktop Manager on VM1

      C.  Windows Remote Desktop Manager cannot detect the system name of Windows installed in VM2 on the network


      I tried Server-Client:


      A.  Install Server on VM1

      B.  Install Client on VM2

      C.  Client on VM2 cannot connect to the Server installed on VM1


      Why is networking between VM1 and VM2 not functioning as I expect it to ?


      I have been at this for days now...