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    Storage migration question

    pdrace Expert

      We have a couple of file servers we need to migrate to a new volume.

      The disk sizes range from 650GB to 2 TB on these servers.

      Would it be practical to move them using storage migration or would we be better off using volume replication at the storage level.

      The second method will concur some down time for the servers.

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          Sureshkumar M Expert

          Are you moving VMs to another volume on same  storage?


          If it is in same storage and VAAI enabled, you can do normal storage vmotion. It will be faster as the task is offloaded to storage. For high IO intensive VMs you may do it on off business hours or when the load is less.

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            vfk Expert

            Storage vMotion is the best option.  Keep in mind 2TB migration could take more than 24hrs.   Schedule this during a period of low activity, and be mindful on your backup window.


            Smaller Filer server in the 500Gb should complete in couple hours.  You can get those out of the way.

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              MDNaseer Enthusiast



              Storage vmotion is better option to avoid the downtime.


              or else.


              take a downtime, make a clone of LUN at storage level, mount the New lun, attach the VMDK and then release the old LUN (old VMDK)

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