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    Is there a query parameters in REST API of vROPS ?

    legioon Enthusiast

      Hi all,


      i guess my question is little bit complex and i hope i can explain to you. But, if you have used vrops rest api you'll understand me.


      I am using vROPS 6.4 and i am getting some metrics of vm using REST API such as cpu, ram etc... But, i have to get this metrics with Identifier according to REST architecture.. Identifier is unique VM id which provide to me by vOPS.


      My question is  ;


      I need to know this VM Identifier if i want to get metric of this vm via 3rd party Rest Client or vRealize Orchestrator... But how can i know this identifier before starting to get metrics ? I have look with vRealize Orchestrator and this is not VM ID. I think this identifier is being created by vRops. Is there any query parameters to get this identifier ? What should be the method?


      For example ;


      GET https://vropsipaddress/suite-api/api/resources/


          <ops:resource creationTime="1493013777264" identifier="f36e8b18-a2c8-4518-a9a1-ef7a80db3ad7">