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    Deploying OVF Template Error

    Zmetapl Lurker

      A Connection Error occured. Verify that your computer can connect to vCenter Server. 


      This is the Error i cannot find a solution to. I almost did everything but nothing helped. 

      please someone who understands this can help me? dealing with it almost a week now. 


      so workaround i did check the following.

      the vcenter server name is ABCD.XXXX.com  and is located on a virtual machine with the ip address 192.168.1.xxx 

      this IP address is resolvable using NSlookup as a forward and reverse.  

      so when i NSlookup 192.168.1.xxx i get the response that it is located and the name is ABCD.XXXX.com 

      and when i NSlookup ABCD.XXXX.com i get the IP 192.168.1.xxx


      Also i turned off IPV6 from the server machine as suggested on some of the sites.


      so everything is pinging and resolving and stuff. 


      the machine i am trying to deploy OVF Template is the SAME machine where the vcenter server is installed it is a virtual machine which is located on the same ESXI host i am trying to deploy a template to.  tried to deploy from another virtual machine as suggested but same result!


      what i want to notice is that i have changed the SSL port of webclient from 443 to 4433 because i have another instance running on that machine which is using 443 port.  i dont think this is an issue.


      Also want to notice my domain name is not vsphere.local but its HHHH.XXXX.com .


      so to summarize the issue, my vmware vSphere Web Client during the deployment of OVF Template of VDP tells me that the same machine(FQDN ABCD.XXXX.com) does not have the access to the vCenter server(Server name FQDN ABCD.XXXX.com) located on same machine


      so i am about to have a mental breakdown about this issue please anyone help