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    vRA time to provision parameters

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      Just wondering if anyone came across this. Is there a simple/easy way to export, as a starting point for building a report, the parameters containing the creation details for a blueprint request? I'm interested in grabbing the exact time difference between the time when a blueprint was requested and until it was provisioned successfully. There are some parameters in the postgres db like datecreated or lastupdated, but I'm not 100% sure those are totally accurate for what I need.



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          Are you looking for a single report for each request or a periodically run report that gathers data for multiple requests? In either case, I believe vRO could be an option. Browsing the VCACCAFEHost from the administer tab in vRO, I selected a single request. The fields "dateCreated" and "dateCompleted" may be what you are looking for. See the image below.




          If a report per request is your intention, you can utilize the event broker to call a vRO workflow that gathers the data. If a periodic report is required, you could schedule a vRO workflow to run at your desired frequency that gathers previous requests. In either case, you can send an email with formatted body or attached CSV.

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            This is very helpful indeed!

            A periodic report is what I'm interested in. Can you please provide some tips as to how can I get started with that workflow in vRO?


            Thank you,

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              Your question inspired me to create an action as I'm sure my management will soon be asking for these very details. Please see the code below to create a CSV file located in the vRO Temp directory. You can then use a number of different methods to email the file on a scheduled basis. I have attached the action as well as included the code below. Please let me know if you have questions. Thank you.



              //Instantiate variables

              //Create csv for email. Don't hardCode the path - keep this workflow portable by using the temp folder

              var csvFile = new FileWriter(System.getTempDirectory() + "/vRArequest_report.csv");



                // Write CSV headers to file


                "\"" + "requestedItemName" + "\""

                + "," + "\"" + "dateCreated" + "\""

                + "," + "\"" + "dateApproved" + "\""

                + "," + "\"" + "dateCompleted" + "\""

                + "," + "\"" + "lastUpdated" + "\""

                + "," + "\"" + "executionStatus" + "\""

                + "," + "\"" + "requestedBy" + "\""

                + "," + "\"" + "requestedFor" + "\""

                + "," + "\"" + "state" + "\""

                + "," + "\"" + "waitingStatus" + "\""

                + "\n");



              //Get VCAC Cafe Host. If you have multiples, you may want to implement a for loop

              var inVCACCafeHost = Server.findAllForType("vCACCAFE:VCACHost")[0];

              //Get vRA Catalog Item Request

              var requests = vCACCAFEEntitiesFinder.getCatalogItemRequests(inVCACCafeHost);

              //Loop through requests to view attributes

              for each(request in requests){

                //Instantiate array of request data

                var results = new Array();

                //get created time of request

                var timeCreated = request.dateCreated.getTime();

                //get current system date/time, convert to ms

                var curDate = new Date();

                var curTime = curDate.getTime();

                //subtract current system time from VM installed time

                diff = curTime-timeCreated;

                days = diff/86400000;


                //if request is 7 days or less

                if(days <= 7){












                csvFile.write(results + "\n");




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                defmania Novice

                Hey, thanks for the action. Where you able to succcessfully create that workflow to eventually send out the notification email? I'm still hitting a few bumps along to road to creating that.


                Thank you!