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    SDDC Health Adapter

    vMarkusK1985 Hot Shot


      I tried to install the SDDC Health Adapter.


      Installation and Konfiguration ist straight forward but vCenter Services are not detected.


      There ist a Prerequirement:

      • Ensure that VMware Tools 10.1 or later for VMware vCenter® Server 6.0 U2 is installed and running in the guest operating system of the virtual machines on which vCenter runs


      But VCSA 6.0 U2 ships with Version 10.0


      Anyone had a similar issue?

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          Oulyanov Enthusiast
          VMware Employees

          Hi, yes, it's known issue. You need to have both VMware Tools > 10.1 AND Guest User mapping configured for SDDC Health 2.0 be able to monitor vcenter services.

          Guet User mapping should be configured through Web Client.

          As updating VMware tools is not something that you probably want to do on a appliance, you might start with configuring Guest U ser Mapping and open SR with VMware if still no data will be coming. Ah yes, for user mapping you need to map vcenter adapter collection account against root.

          Regards, Oleg