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      I have the below scenario in my design.


      • 2 Data Center - DC1 & DC2
      • DC1 - Primary & DC2 - DR
      • NSX Manger & vCenter in each DC with 1:1 ratio mapping


      In DC 1 have a network configured under DLR

      This network is advertised from DC 1 in normal scenario using OSPF (OSPF between NSX <-> Phyical routers)


      I want to use the same network in my DC 2 as DR. i.e the network should be configured in DC 2 but route should not be advertised from DC2.

      When DC 1 goes down, the same network should be advertised from DC2.

      To achieve this , from my understanding I need to do the following.

      1. Configure DC2 DLR with the same network ( with the LIF as & advertise via OSPF.
      2. The interface  should be in down state so that it does not advertise the routes.
      3. When I need to bring up the DC 2 (assuming DC1 is down) I need to enable the DLR LIF to up state so that the network ( is advertised from DC 2.


      Let me know if the above is possible. If it is possible i would like to know how to achieve this. Mainly how to keep the LIF in down state & how to enable it when required.