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    VSAN 6.6 - Confusion about the release (the way it's communicated)

    srodenburg Hot Shot



      I'm confused about the release of VSAN 6.6. Most blogs leave the impression it's already out there. Of course, as usual most bloggers simply and shamelessly copy each others work so they all say the same, but some bloggers go a bit further, actually do write their own content and state that VSAN 6.6 will be integrated into a patch for vCenter and ESXi. But no further details are given.


      vCenter 6.5.0c was released a few days ago, after most of these blogs were written/copied. so I thought "this must be it", but there is no mention of VSAN 6.6 in the release-notes.


      Why do folks write "VSAN 6.6 has been released" or "it's finally here" (Cormac) while that is not the case. No it's not out there. It's not available. No it cannot be downloaded. So NO it has not been released (yet).


      Can people please be straight and clear and simply say "it's not here yet". Vladan seems to be the only one so far, saying it's "announced".


      I'm in the middle of the design-phase of a multi site VSAN project, incl. several ROBO's and it makes sense to wait for 6.6 to arrive. Knowing a rough timeframe when it will arrive would allow me to postpone the project until it's been tested in the Lab (writing a design about something you've actually tried and tested is a good approach...). I'm not going to implement a previous version and go through the hassle of upgrading afterwards.


      If anyone can shed some light on when the actual release will be, that would be great.