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    VMWare ESXi 6.0 Domain Integration - SMB1 Disabled on AD side through GPO, ESXi Domain Join Fails - How to force VMWare ESXi to use SMB2.0 +

    sysengrnz Lurker

      Hi All,


      No doubt this will have a quick answer, just haven't found literature on it.


      Attempting to domain join VMWare ESXi 6.0 host in lab environment to Windows Server 2016 Domain Controller. SMB1.0 Forcefully disabled, leaving SMB2.0 and SMB3.0 enabled. Active Directory logs mention that client is attempting to negotiate SMBv1.0 which is not allowed, ESXi Domain Join fails. This is for AD authentication configuration option.


      Am I missing something very basic here? I couldn't confirm that it was VMWare ESXi host that was causing the SMB1.0 error in SMB Server Windows Event Logs but based on the time frame of the ESXi domain join attempt and the absence of SMB1.0 errors outside of the time stamp, I'm fairly confident its ESXi 6.0 host that is attempting SMB1.0.


      Any quick advice on this would be great. I.E.. is there a simple option that I need to tick to enable later SMB support? Re-Enabling SMBv1.0 on DC is definitely a non-option here.