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    Master and Slave Hosts

    jahanzaib Novice

      I got understanding about the Master and Slave concept in HA. But i didn't understand the election process for the master. How the master cluster selected that:

      As per vmware details master Host selected "The host that mounts the greatest number of data stores has an advantage in the election"

      What this mean greatest number of datastore? IF we have Shared ISCSI Storage then all Esxi host are attached to that ISCSI storage equally ?


      "When vSphere HA is enabled for a cluster, all active hosts (those not in standby or maintenance mode, or not disconnected) participate in an election to choose the cluster's master host. The host that mounts the greatest number of datastores has an advantage in the election. Only one master host exists per cluster and all other hosts are slave hosts. If the master host fails, is shut down, or is removed from the cluster a new election is held"