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    VCSA 6U3b Certificate Replacement

    coolsport00 Enthusiast

      It's amazing there is nothing out in VMware KB (or Google) land about the (I thought) simple task of generating new certificates in the VMCA for expiring certificates. I have a month before they expire, so currently all is fine, but am trying to be proactive. I thought I would go into the VCSA and run the VMCA > Option 2 , like this KB process: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2147542. My assumption was I would get prompted for all the service cfg info, like I was prompted for when replacing my default VCSA/Machine/Solution cert services last year. I was not prompted for all. I was only prompted for information for the certool.cfg file. I wasn't prompted for the MACHINE_SSL config & subsequent solution user services info. So, what must be done to replace all my expiring certificates? And for crying out loud, why isn't there a KB describing this process? And, if it's the same process as the KB, it would be nice for that KB to share someone in it that it is to be used when replacing expiring certificates (before expiration), as well.



      Thanks for whatever help you all can give!