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    VMmark QoS Question

    njuerect1 Lurker

      Hi, all


      I've been trying to configure and perform a VMmark2.5.2 test on some equipment.

      According to some official recommended setting,I configured my test environment.

      But when I started to test, sometimes I found mailserver or Olio's QoS score with a '*' in the Score_xxx.out file.(appear once after 8-10 test)

      Is there some problem?


      I checked the tilecore.pl file and found the minimum QoS requirement.

      Mailserver: 500

      Olio: 400

      DvdstoreA: 500

      DvdstoreB: 500

      DvdstoreC: 500


      But I don't know the meaning of these data.

      Is Mailserver's QoS data means the response time between Loadgen starting a mission and mailserver completing(answer) it?

      what about others?



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          RebeccaG Expert
          VMware Employees

          Hi njuerect1,


          Yes, you are on the right track. Each asterisk (*) is a Quality of Service failure (QoS) for some application during the run. In Score_N_Tile_Test.out, if you look at the section "Tile_0_QoS(ms):" you will see asterisks next to some of the values. These are the application latencies in milliseconds measured by the harness.


          You are correct that each application has its own minimum QoS requirement.


          Yes, application latencies are generally the response time between when the client issues a transaction request, and when that request is completed.


          You said that the "*" appeared only once after 8-10 VMmark tests. This usually can happen if the system under test is pushed nearly to its maximum load level and is experiencing resource contention of some kind (CPU, memory disk, etc.). Some VMmark tests will pass (no "*") and others might fail (there is a "*") even if there are no changes to the testbed configuration. This is actually a good sign if you are trying to run as many tiles as possible on your VMmark testbed. It means you are testing the system at its maximum level of load.


          Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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            njuerect1 Lurker

            Hi Rebecca,


                 Thanks for you answer!


                 I will continue to test our vmmark testbed.

                 If there is any other question , i will bother you again for help!