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    New Horizon Air contract - Queries

    srinaath Lurker

      Hello all,


      We am planning to buy Horizon Air licenses with a couple of VMs provisioned.We are looking for answers for a few queries before we take a call on purchasing the licenses.


      Do we get REST API interfaces enabled on VM Horizon Standard/ VM Horizon Advanced plans?

      How many users will I be provisioned for purchase of every VM?

      What RAM space does a VM Horizon Standard/ VM Horizon Advanced plan provisioned VM contain?

      Is there a customizable plan where I can opt the service for less than a month.


      PS: VM Horizon Air store: VMware Official Online Store Online Store - VMware Horizon




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          yes on Horizon Air/ Horizon Cloud we provide Rest API functionalities for management.

          With the expansion to IBM SL DC we changed to a capacity model.

          So you would by standard capacity (1VCPU 2GB Mem, 30 GB HDD)and use that to create your desktop type you want to use.

          You also buy subscription option as named or concurred user.


          Have a look here Horizon Air for the calculation.