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    VMWare cloned server - unable to change domain or server name

    phillipfromoz Lurker


      I've cloned a live VM (powered on; already in an AD domain) in vSpere 6.0.

      The VM being cloned is Windows 2008R2 of about 300gb.


      On the  cloned server I want to do 2 things:

      1. Change from current domain to workgroup - effectively removing the current domain membership

      2. Change the server's name


      Before powering up, I've downed all network interfaces so the cloned server does not interfere with the current server.


      The remove from domain and rename does not work.


      Through the GUI, Start->Computer->Properties - the "Change" button is greyed out


      I've also tried the command line:

      netdom remove <myname> /force

      but it does not work as it says winservices are not runnng. I cannot start winservices.


      I've also tried sysprep but this to fails. Checking sysprep logs shows that the last thing done was leave the domain.


      Has anyone had a similar problem?


      Do you know how to fix?


      Thanks for any help.