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      • 510. Re: Free ESXi Backup Solution for Windows
        Pixxxx Novice

        using free edition VM Explorer from www.trilead.com is it possible to make an hot backup?



        • 511. Re: Free ESXi Backup Solution for Windows
          Neonewbie Enthusiast

          I love the simple gui look of http://www.trilead.com/

          but again the price is far to high for a single home user.


          I would love there to be a product as easy to use as this in a typical easy GUi interface.

          I find the Linux command solutions to complicated as I am not a linux user and it goes over my head.


          do let me know if any one finds a product like http://www.trilead.com/ but a a sensible price.


          Im not looking for a freebee, but let be sensible about the pricing developers?





          • 512. Re: Free ESXi Backup Solution for Windows
            dgolan Lurker

            Hey Marc. We just purchased AppAssure's Replay 4 and were told about the feature for virtual standby and informed them of what version of VMWare we are using.  Come to find out they are now telliing us that virtual standby does not work with ESXi 4.1.


            Were you able to get it to work with your 4.1 environment.  I cannot get the standby wizard to connect to the evironment either the VCenter or the ESXi servers them selves.


            Please let me know.


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              MDSYS Novice

              Hey there.  well, the best option is of course the Full vesion of Esx. I don't know if it is completely legal but you can install a full esx server and use an ESXi license. This will give you the limited functionality of the ESXi while having the full service console environment in the background  The alternative is to use ESXi with a storage unit that supports NFS. Make the NFS share available for the Replay core server by installing file services for Unix on the core server. (I assume that if the NFS share also supports CIFS, you probably don't need to File services for Unix.) Then create a NFS datastore on the ESXi that points to the same share. In replay you now use the ESXi option for the virtual standby and choose the NFS share as target The vmdk file should now be visible in the new datastore on the esx side. you can now easily build a vm and select 'use existing disk'. This is really the only difference from the direct connect option. Once the vm has been created it works exactly the same way. the vmdk files are constantly being updated until you start it up. I haven't tried it, but iscsi might also work if you configure the iscsi volume to support multiple connnections.  Read the following kb article  http://www.appassure.com/support/KB/4120052/  Another, perhaps easier opltion would be to use Hyper-V server R2 which also is a free version that starts up to a,command line environment.vyou could share the internal drive so the Replay sever can export the vhd files to the Hyper-V internal drive. Again, you then create the vm manually and use existing vm-disk files.  Hope this,helps

              • 514. Re: Free ESXi Backup Solution for Windows
                jeremyb Novice

                vBackup (www.vbackup.com) has a simple-to-use interface and will have several free and paid editions to choose from. vBackup is still in public beta so you can try it without the fuss of license requests, etc.


                Hope this helps!

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                  HoCheeHong Lurker



                  can any body tell me how can i use this WSFU on a win xp, so that i can mount multiple esxi server to one NFS server? or do i need to have multiple NFS server?one NFS server for one esxi?or i just need to create multiple user with admin right in oerder to map the NFS to multiple  esxi?

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                    falc0 Lurker
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                      MDSYS Novice

                      Hello again,  I just upgraded to the latest version of Replay (v. I think) We discovered a small issue with the reporting when the SQL optipn is used and were advised to upgrade. (the problem was solved) To my delight the new version now is able to connect directly to ESXi too (4.0 or higher) and also supports ESXi 5.0 as well as thin and thick provisioning option. This should solve your problem too. !!!  Perhaps you've complained to Appassure and were the reason they added this option. :-)

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                        Giampos17970 Enthusiast

                        We use a cheaper backup solution called Uraniumbackup, with new feauture, now it can backup and restore Esx Vm directly, from a windows machine.

                        I'm testing it, and would be interesting to share opinions about it.

                        • 519. Re: Free ESXi Backup Solution for Windows
                          oliveiras Novice

                          Hi all,


                          I have a mixed instalation of both phisical and virtual machines.


                          I use VMWare ESXi 5 free to host 2 Windows Server 2008 VMs.


                          I'm looking for a good software that care of all my phisical and virtual machines backups.


                          I've tested Acronis, Symantec BE, R1 Soft, Veem, Shadow Protect and now I'm a bit confused and needing some help please.


                          My IT infraestructure is:


                               One ESXi 5 Free Host with:

                                    1 Windows EBS 2008 x64 - Active Directory Server

                                    1 Windows EBS 2008 x64 - TMG and Exchange edge transport Server


                               One Windows EBS 2008 x64 - Exchange 2007 Server


                               One Windows Server 2008 x64 - SQL Server


                               One Windows Server 2008 R2 X64 - File Server


                          I have a machine running Windows Server 2008 x64 available, and I'm planing to make it my backups server.


                          Wath is the best, cost/efective, solution for my scenario?


                          Thanks in advance.

                          • 520. Re: Free ESXi Backup Solution for Windows
                            DSTAVERT Guru

                            The least expensive would be to use the Windows Server backup app that comes with Windows Server. It is basic but does work and can be scheduled. You can use that within the virtual servers as well.

                            • 521. Re: Free ESXi Backup Solution for Windows
                              MDSYS Novice

                              I don't think you should expect to find many free solutions that can handle everything.
                              Trilead is a good tool but only does VM backups (VMWare ESX/VSphere and Hyper-V)

                              There is another tool, called Uranium Backup (
                              http://www.uraniumbackup.com) is kind of an alternative to Back Exec.
                              The Gold Edition, which is about 300€, does all kinds of backups (Standard Windows Backup, SQL, Exchange, ESX, Hyper-V,....)
                              One license covers backsups of an unlimited number of servers or VM's so in terms of "Bang for your Bucks", it's certainly worth investigating.

                              We use Appassure Replay (http://www.appassure.com/    -  part of DELL) which works with a Replay Core server that does Scheduled Snap-shotting backups (Full + incr/diff) of a number of servers and stores them in a local repository.
                              There is a built-in retension plan that remove backups, older than a certain age.
                              The restore function does "point-in-time" restore like MS-SQL.. really easy.
                              It can replicate the backup data to a remote site where another Replay Core server can create virtual standby systems on ESX, Hyper-V,...
                              If the main site goes down, you just boot up the virtual standby systems and "presto", you're back in business.
                              The virtual standby systems can of course also be created locally in case you have a local single server failure.
                              It does need a dedicated machine that functions as Core Server; Preferably a Quad-Core with 16GB and loads of disk space, 2TB or so depending on how many servers you want to protect and how long your retension periode is.... I love it.

                              Hope this helps.   

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