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    Adobe Creative Cloud  - Appstacks

    cH1LL1 Enthusiast

      Hi all


      I am hoping someone can help.

      We have a requirement to incorporate Adobe Creative cloud apps( being Adobe Acrobat mainly but other apps such as Indesign, Photoshop etc will follow) in to our View 6 non persistent environment.

      We already have several other Appstacks working and if possible this will be the best option, I'd like to avoid Thinapps or Static vms for this.

      Has anyone Appstacked any of these successfully?

      If so does the user have to sign in to Adobe Creative cloud every time the Appstack is attached in order to ensure licensing.

      any info would be great


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          sappomannoz Enthusiast



          I did it with Creative 6. I hope it's not to different whit newer versions of CC. Basically you have a script that runs when you attach the appstack that authorises the machine.

          Those are the instructions for citrix pvs but it's the same for appvolumes




          there is a bat file in the appstack that get executed upon attaching were you can call the registration.

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            ddewire Novice

            Im wondering if you ever found a solution to this?  I created an AppStack for Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop.  When I assigned the AppStack to test it, I was able to open Illustrator once.  I then closed it and tried the other 2 apps and both told me that sign in to CC was required.  Now they all 3 do that.  We are part of the Adobe enterprise agreement through our affiliation with another organization, we dont get access to the keys to create serlialization files or have CC account to sign-in to.  All we get are the packaged executables to install.  They work when install in a computers lab image and are not supposed to require sign-in but I cant get them to work right in App Volumes.

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              sappomannoz Enthusiast



              since the 2.10 update I have exactly those symptoms, even with serialization. Plus I have a core going full 100% when I assign the Adobe appestat to an user.

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                sappomannoz Enthusiast



                yesterday I tried again, with CS6. I created a trial package with the AAMEE, deployed it in an appstack, edited the startup.bat with the serialisation files. It works.

                You need to get the trial package and the prov.xml trough your affiliation, they should able to provide it

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                  cH1LL1 Enthusiast

                  I still have not found a solution for this -  each time someone requests one of these packages I  have been creating a dedicated deskop for them - which is horrible.


                  @sappomannoz  can you go in to a  bit further detail on what you've done ?


                  Also just so we are clear -  these applications are installed via the Adobe Create cloud Suite Application which the user signs in to in order to download the licensed/Permitted app.



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                    DeCe1 Lurker

                    we installed CC with the adobe creative cloud packager for our linked clones, logged in with a trail account to install updates for CC and apps and everythings working.

                    at least in the beta

                    there are no problems at all with saving credentials for CC. even after a recompose. they seem to be saved in the user profile.


                    all further updates COULD work the remote updater. just tested it on physical machines. Use Adobe Remote Update Manager havent tested it yet. but i will try it the next few days

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                      hello_what36 Lurker

                      Sorry to revive an old thread but I'm interested in hearing more about your install of Adobe CC products via appstacks DeCe1. We have Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 apps installed via an appstack on our Windows 10 machines and performance is unbearable--specifically for InDesign and Illustrator 2017. However, if you open the program using right-click "run as administrator", the program works pretty well. This is not an ideal solution for us and am curious how you installed your Adobe CC apps. Thanks

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                        Ray_handels Master
                        vExpertCommunity Warriors

                        Adobe does not support nor allows the use of CC application an a virtual machine.

                        For as far as I know thy explicitly said they disallow the use of it on VDI.

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                          DeCe1 Lurker

                          Hey @hello_what36!


                          CC works like a charm...

                          AV 2.10, View 7.0, vCenter 6.0u2


                          capturing cc: installed from created package, logged in, updated through gui AND Adobe updater, done...

                          increase 3d storage and Software renderer in vcenter manually - disable Hardware acc for every user manually in photoshop (Options in gui).


                          but i really dont know why everythings working properly when opened as admin...



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                            jheinrich22 Lurker

                            Hello DeCe1 or others,


                            You were able to successfully create an AppStack with Adobe CC products?


                            We are using Adobe Tech Comm suite with AppStacks (although not in the CC category, they still require the adobe login and serial number). We have version 5 and version 2017. Created two separate AppStacks and logged into Adobe and activated both. When assigning the appstack to a user, they are prompted to login with their adobe account and then input our Serial Number. We do not currently utilizing UEM, so I am not sure if that would alleviate our issue.


                            Any Ideas?


                            AV 2.12, View 7.0, VCenter 6.5

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                              Ray_handels Master
                              vExpertCommunity Warriors

                              Eventually we've gotten a sort of official statement from Adobe about the Creative Cloud applications and VDI. The only application that is officially being supported is Adobe Professional. The other applications do work but are very slow.

                              We were able to get it to work but you do see that it sometimes tells you to log off of another machine and onto the machine you are currently logged into.


                              We have gotten all older applications to work with the Adobe packaging tool. Not 100% sure but i thought it was the ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/acrobat/win/11.x/11.0.00/misc/ customization tool.