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        Byrcholk Lurker

        I also did not hear any sound.  I am a long time user of the Browser Appliance and wished to upgrade to the latest release, so I spent some time comparing the setup to the previous release (Firefox ESR 24.0, CentOS 6.4). It seems to me that the ALSA volumes in the latest release (Firefox ESR 38.3, CentOS 7.1) are set too low. You can see the volume settings if you type the following in a command-line interface terminal:

            alsamixer --card 0

        Press the <Esc> key to return to the command-line interface terminal.



        To set the volumes to their maximum (which was the setting in the previous Browser Appliance) type the following  in a command-line interface terminal:

            amixer -c 0 sset 'Master' 100%,100%

            amixer -c 0 sset 'PCM' 100%,100%

        Type “exit” (without the quotation marks) to close the terminal.

        Use the Alsamixer command again to verify the change.

        BA38-Alsamixer 2.JPG


        That “turned the sound on” for me, so I hope it helps others as well.

        I’m a big fan of the Browser Appliance, using it on a daily basis for Safe Surfing.

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          ChristopheDeprez Novice

          Thanks Byrcholk for troubleshooting the sound issue.

          The July 2016 update of the Browser Appliance runs Firefox ESR 45.2 on CentOS 7.1 (64 bit) and fixes this issue.

          As usual, to install the latest Adobe Flash plugin, close Firefox and double-click the "Install Flash Player" icon on the Desktop.

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            fcova69 Lurker


            I dowloaded and installed Browser-Appliance.45.2 (OS Centos 7.1) on my ESXi envirnoment.

            I'd like to access that machine in a RDP connection from my Windows 10 PC.

            Can someone tell me how can I do it without security risks?

            I'm not a Linux expert ...



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              mmm11111111 Lurker

              Hi i want dowload the Browser Appliance but he can't find the download side

              from browser.shell.tor.hu, can i find this image on a other side ?

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                slawekowoc Novice



                I need solution how to upload Browser-Appliance-45.2 to ESX 6.5 host using vCenter.

                I can't do that using OVA upload




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