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    VSA unable to see all vCenter 6 instances

    mlounsbury Novice

      I just installed VSA 6.0.2 in my lab, which I have three different instances of vCenter 6.0 Update 2.  I also have four external PSCs in our lab, split between two different locations, with two vCenter instances pointed to one pair of PSCs, and one vCenter instance pointed to the other pair of PSCs.  When I did the configuration of the VSA, I attempted to input the information for one of the vCenter servers for the lookup, but it failed.  So I pointed it to the PSC pair that two of the vCenter instances are pointing to, and it worked.  I went through the rest of the process, but I could only see the two vCenter instances that are registered to the one PSC pair, but I cannot see the third vCenter instance that is pointing to the other vCenter pair.  Did I do something wrong?  I would like to install this in our production environment and we have external PSCs in that environment as well.


      Thanks in advance.