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    NSX manager update erro

    soethiha Lurker

      Hi All,

           please any idea and I had facing the issue which is can't upgrade to NSX manager.


      Thanks and Best Regards,



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          Bayu Wibowo Master
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          Hi, from which version to which version are you upgrading your NSX manager?
          Double check the md5 make sure your upgrade bundle does not corrupt.

          Could you console and log in to the NSX Manager and see what version it is currently running on?
          Once the upgrade complete, the NSX manager should be automatically restarted (at least that what I see in my environment).

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            DaleCoghlan Enthusiast
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            The common problems I have seen where this can occur is:

            • lack of disk space free on the NSX Manager
            • underlying storage IO/latency issue


            It might be a good idea to check both of these things out. If the upgrade process cannot complete (specifically the uncompressing the file part) or takes too long due to storage latency, the upgrade process seems to fail silently, but is not reflected in the UI as you have noticed.