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    Error when using export-csv cmdlet

    charlie_tech Lurker

      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to run this script(attached) to check STIG status. I can run it fine without the export-csv cmdlet. But, I need to be able to put this information into some kind of form of documentation such as a text or csv file. But whenever try, I get an error "Cannot bind argument to Paramenter 'Input Object' because it is null. PLEASE HELP me fix this issue. Thanks everyone.


      #prompt for vCenter name and set variable

      $vcenter=(Read-Host "Enter the name of the VCenter server where the VM you want to check the STIG is located").ToLower()



      #prompt for Virtual Machine name

      $vmName=(Read-Host "Enter the name of the VM you want to check the STIG").ToLower()



      #connect to vCenter server

      Write-Host Connecting to vCenter Server `n

      Connect-VIServer $vcenter


      Write-Host `n`nConnected to vCenter Server $vcenter`n


      #display STIG settings

      Write-Host $ColHeader


              $check = $ExtraOptionsArray | ForEach-Object {


                  [string]$OptName = $_


              $OptionData = (Get-VM -Name $vmName).ExtensionData.Config.ExtraConfig | select Key,Value | where {$_.Key -eq $OptName}


              $DisName = $OptionData.key

              $OptValue = $OptionData.value


              $ReqOptValue = $ExtraOptionsReqHash[$OptName]


              If ($OptValue -eq $ReqOptValue)


                  $StatsFinal = " PASSED"




                  $StatsFinal = "*FAILED"



                #****************** Test if File exists & output data to text **************


              $fscrnoutput = ("{0,-25} {1,-40} {2,-10} {3,-10}" -f $vmName,": $OptName",": $OptValue",": $StatsFinal")


                   Write-Host $fscrnoutput






      $check | export-csv C:\STIGcheck.csv


      #disconnects from all VCenter servers without a prompt

      Disconnect-VIServer * -Force -confirm:$false