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    Binding Actions

    JoJoGabor Expert

      VRA 7.1

      I have an IaaS form, with certin properties set on the deployment and in the VM I want to bind an action to one of those properties. The form lets me do this in the design tab but when it runs it cant get the value. So the property it is bound to has to be set in the same form. Is there any way around this?

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          SeanKohler Expert

          Sorry this isn't clear to me...

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            JoJoGabor Expert

            So when you create a blueprint in the design canvas consisting of multiple VMs, you can attach some properties to the blueprint and some to the VM within that blueprint. For example I am setting some values on the whole blueprint, such as Service RPO. This RPO dictates which set of datastores the VM should be put to. So I have another property called datastore (not the actual name) set on the VM which has an action which takes ServiceRPO as an input to generate a list of available datastores. However the form errors saying it cant find the binding property value. I can only assume because at time of request it is on a different form (linked to the deployment) and the action linked field is on a form linked to the VM.