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    VMware 11 not allowing install of 64BIT Linux.

    G00mba Lurker

      I have a weird problem.


      I have VMware 11.1.4 build-3848939 running on an Intel Core i5 2430m processor. This is a 64bit processor that supports:

      Intel Virtual Technology

      Intel Hyper Threading

      Intel 64bit Architecture


      ALL confirmed by Intel IPU v5.6


      I am trying to install Centos 64bit, and I get an error indicating that "Binary Translation is incompatible... bla bla bla"


      Everything is enable in BIOS and in fact my other Identical laptop is running VMware 9 with Centos v6.6 x64.


      What is the story here and how do I fix this???



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          Welcome at the VMware communities forum.


          Note that changing VT-x setting requires the machine to be power cycled in order to be effective.


          In order to do so, for a desktop, just pull the power plug, with the machine shut down.

          For a laptop you might have to remove the batteries to power cycle it.


          For more details, also see this excellent document: Trouble-shooting Intel VT-x Issues




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            G00mba Lurker

            Thank you for the welcome.


            I should have mentioned that I have been in this biz for over 30 years, so the steps you suggested had already been performed, my bad .


            In any case, it turns out it was Avast and it's stupid Self Defense Mode, reference link: http://www.memuplay.com/blog/index.php/2016/07/08/how-to-solve-vt-disabled-warning-from-avast/


            And another setting under Components (HIPS) that seems to need to be turned off. And yet another area that apparently can cause  issues is with Avast "Sandbox", this one I have not confirmed as I don't have it installed - but there are many posts regarding Sandbox.


            Why Avast (and apparently many others) are doing this is beyond me. At least give the user more information when selecting Options.


            I hope this helps others - very frustrating and I apologize for "premature jumping" on WMware.

            Now all is well.


            Thanks Wila...