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    Cant profile Microsoft Visio

    ddewire Novice

      Im attemping to run the UEM profiler to profile Microsoft Visio and it is not letting me.  There is a red exclamation next the the Application field that says the app is already available in the Flex Profiles Management Console, the OK button is grayed out so I cant continue.  Visio is not in the management console.  The quick start option did put Office apps in the UEM console but Visio is not one of them.  MS project has the same problem.\


      How do I profile these apps?

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          ddewire Novice

          I made a little progress on this so I thought I would share.


          Application Templates have nothing to do with the Applications you already have configured in UEM.  UEM has preconfigured templates for some apps and you can see which ones they are by creating a new config file and choose Use an Application Template.  UEM includes template for for Office 2013 and specifically includes Visio and Project.


          Having said that, you do not appear to be able to use the UEM profiler to profile any app that there is a template for.  If I wanted to change setting in Visio for example.the only way I see to do that is to use the template, and add those settings on the predefined settings tab.  I dont appear to be able to profile it and capture all the intial config settings that it does.  Every time a new user runs the app, they will have to wait for it to configure itself.  I dont see any way around this.

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            Pim999 Enthusiast



            You are correct, applications that have build-in templates cannot be profiled.

            Be you don't need to, because the templates capture all the personalization already.

            If you still want to change the template to capture more settings, you can use the UEM Management Console to 'expand' the template and see the content of the template.


            If you just want to push application settings to the users for Visio, you can do this without the profiler:

            1. Create a Config File in the UEM Management console using the Visio template

            2. Login as a test user and start Visio and configure Visio as it should be for all your users.

            3. Logoff the test user.

            4. In the UEM Management Console go to the pre-defined settings tab for the Visio config file and click 'Add'

            5. use the 'Install' button and browse to the UEM archive (.ZIP file) of the test user that contains the Visio settings.




            Kind regards, Pim.

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              tewvserverteam Lurker

              No, not quite Voila,


              I have the exact same issue and when I go to add Project and Visio it is populating the tree but just isn't right


              See below; Visio is added, but why isn't it getting the correct icon, and also there is normally a load of green notes in the Import/Export Window but it's blank. It seems to be working but why doesn't it look right?



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                Raymond_W Hot Shot
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                I've uploaded the correct files for you...(with a nice icon ;-) )


                Ms Project 2013

                Ms Visio 2013


                Hope this works for you !



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                  tewvserverteam Lurker

                  Ah yes very nice!


                  Good UEM.PNG

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                    Pim_van_de_Vis Expert
                    vExpertVMware Employees

                    If you use the build-in templates, the import/export section is always empty.

                    You can use the 'Manage' button to expand the template and see the locations that are manged by the template.


                    The icon is not needed, it's just eye candy in the management console


                    See the attached screenshot.

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                      Pim_van_de_Vis Expert
                      VMware EmployeesvExpert

                      By the way, if you want to use the UEM Application Profiler for Visio, or for any other application that is blacklisted, check this KB to add a whitelist:



                      Typically you don't need this, because the provided templates are optimized and provide the best results.

                      But if you really want to, the KB above will help you.