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    Custom ISO isn't recognizing NIC drivers

    SyenceLabb Lurker

      To keep this short and sweet, I just started to use PowerCLI to add the online depot file hosted by VMware in order to create custom ISO images. The physical hosts contain Infiniband NIC drivers that requires special drivers in order for ESXi to recognize it. The provider of the Infiniband card provides a .zip file containing the vib file that I need. I add the .zip file provided by them as a depot and I'm able to add each individual driver to my custom image that I've cloned from the one provided by VMware. For some reason, after exporting the.ISO and applying it to our hosts, the drivers are still not being recognized even though, surely, they exist on the image itself. Am I missing something here? The only thing I can think of is that maybe I need to change the software acceptance level on the image to allow the drivers to be used. I have not tried this just yet, but beyond this, I am out of ideas. Can anyone provide assistance?