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    How to show/use an NDIS Internet Tethering smartphone sharing as a "NIC" interface in ESXi server

    m4biz Enthusiast


      I've this issue.

      If I connect my android smartphone to a Windows (physycal) PC - via USB cable - it show it as a "Remote NDIS based Internet sharing" like this:



      The question is:

      is there any way to use this feature (Tethering) to connect the smartphone to my ESXi serer so that I should use it as an additional NIC interface and connect / use with any VM inside the server?

      In other words, in case of Internet/ADSL failover I'd like to redirect all  my Internet traffic by means of this "virtual" interface connected i.e. to a VM that act as a firewall in my network environment and that - normally - has the external interface connected to the ADSL modem and - in this case - it would be connected to this tethered NDSI interface.

      I hope I made myself clear.

      Thanks in advance