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    VCSA 6.5 loses IP address after reboot

    cheese2 Novice

      I was investigating the new HA feature for the 6.5 Appliance in our dev/test environment and have run into a weird problem.  Somewhere in attempting to do a manual deployment the primary appliance had its primary network interface (eth0) deleted.  The second vnic that you add for the HA network (eth1) was retained.  I have re-added an eth0 interface however this interface won't keep its IP configuration across reboots.  I am using the configuration tool in /opt/VMware/share/vami/vami_config_net to set things up, and everything appears to go smoothly.  However after a reboot I notice the configuration file it created in /etc/system/network is renamed from 10-eth0.network to 10-eth0.network.manual and the eth0 interface is once again unconfigured.  The contents of the file are still correct, but the interface is down.


      What is renaming the 10-eth0.network file?  How do I stop it?  How do I get this thing to remember settings across a reboot?  Any ideas?