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    vsphere auto deploy 5.5 u3 problem

    sa2057 Hot Shot

      Dear Community,


      I have installed Auto Deploy server on the vcenter server and configured all the required servers (DHCP, TFTP) . My environment...


      Dell M630 blades - Configured to UEFI -PXE boot

      IP reserved on Windows 2008 R2 DHCP

      Scope options on DHCP configured

      vcentre + Auto deploy+ syslog+ dump collector installed on  Win 2012 DC

      Winagents TFTP installed on vcentre

      IP helpers on CISCO switches are all configured


      I have downloaded Dell M630 offline bundle from dell website and followed these steps as below links.


      Auto Deploy GUI



      Blade boots (PXE) gets the correct IP but NMB file download shows Zero bytes and I found error log on TFTP says  Failed to download file from server . Client returned :User aborted the transfer.



      I wonder if some could shed some light.


      Many thanks