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    vRO workfllow error when adding Edge within vCD

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      In my environment we are using vCD 8.10, vRO 7.1 and vSphere 5.5 U2 my thought was to automate network creation and  configuration  for each Org VCD  such as external, internal networks and Edge, but we faced errors from vRO workflow. SR been sent to vmware, the  answer is there is an issue and no work around found yet.

      Any or work around to bypass this issue, Do you think would it be possible to create a pool of edge gateways in vCD and then take a free one from the pool and assign it to the new organization, instead of creating a new one as originally planned? It seems to be possible to create an Edge gateway in one organization and use it in another, so we could create a bunch of them in some dummy organization and use them.

      The problem is keeping track of free edge gateways and finding one to assign to the new organization.

      Do you know if it’s possible to do it this way or have you a better way ?