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    Problem with Active Directory[Integrated Authentication) on Vcenter appliance 6,5

    GunnarHa Lurker

      I did install V-Center appliance 6.5 this week but have problem with Integrated Authentication but Active Directory as an LDAP works but the the plugin don,t work.


      I can joint the AD domain in the V-center but when it connect it with the Active Directory[Integrated Authentication) the Domain filed goes blank.



      How i do it


      Administration>System Configuration

      Click on the Nodes

      Go to the Manage tap > Settings > Active Directory

      Click Join > Fill you necessary filed > OK

      Right click on the V-center node and reboot.


      When V-center is UP i see the domain in the Active Directory domain filed.

      Next i go to Administration > Single Sign on >Configure

      Click on + and chose Active Directory[Integrated Authentication) and fill the fields.

      When this is finish i give the right access and test the login but get error.

      The i got to Administration>System Configuration>Nodes>Manage tap > Settings > Active Directory and the Daomin filed is emty