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    vSphere Replication plug-in in vCSA 6.5

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      we use vSphere Replication Build 3849281 to replicate VMs from one datacenter to the other one. I've upgraded vCSA on source site to and there's no vSphere Replication in Home tab nor vSphere Replication plug-in in Client Plug-Ins now. Old replications still work but I have no idea how to add any new or do some settings.


      I was able to successfully save configuration and restart service in vSphere Replication Appliance VUMI. I rebooted both vCSA and vRA but nothing changes. I've found "The name 'Cannot replicate VM configuration to the remote site.' already exists."  message in tasks after vRA restart but it may not be related (I have no idea about meaning).


      I use https://vcenter-name:7444/lookupservice/sdk as LookupService Address and I was able to reconnect remote site from target site vCSA 6.0 using it.


      I see VR Management in vCenter Server Extensions on both vCSA but plug-in on target site vCSA 6.0 only. How can I add vSphere Replication plug-in to vCSA 6.5? Any idea, please?


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          Current VR versions generally require matching major version of vCenter. For example - if vCenter is upgraded to 6.5, then VR must also be upgraded to 6.5.

          The interop matrix can be checked at VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes


          Please note that current VR versions also require matching major version at source site and at target site.

          Underlying replications will continue during upgrades, but management functionality will be restore only after the major versions match across the source site and target site and between VR and vCenter.